About Rob Hain

Rob Hain

Biographical Notes

Inspiration can strike at the most unexpected times. An idea can pop into my head from nowhere and I then have to work out how to turn it into a picture. When my children were young, we all went to see Harry Potter. I was immediately transported to my own childhood and back in touch with a sense of wonder and a highly fuelled imagination. The Weasley’s Burrow particularly caught my attention and I wanted to live in it! There is also a magical scene that features the viaduct at Glenfinnan. I had a strong desire to compose a painting that was a faithful depiction of the actual scene but build my own dream into it; a place where I could live, in other words. As well as ‘The Burrow’, there are other references to the fabulous stories that are now a part of our lives.

A visitor to my studio thought the new Borders railway would make a good subject for a painting. The result of that conversation was ‘All Aboard For Waverley’, which also features a steam train. Trainspotters may also be interested in 'Holyrood Park', which depicts an unusual wedding! On another occasion I was contacted on Facebook by a lady who wanted a print of Edinburgh’s Usher Hall, where her son was due to graduate, pending his results. At first I wasn’t sure if it was possible but after visiting it I realised the potential of the location and set to work. The print of ‘A Grand Day Out in Edinburgh’ was received by a brand new vet!